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Online CBT Therapy: Navigating the ChoicePoint: Embracing Decision-Making in CBT Therapy

Updated: Nov 27, 2023


Life is an intricate tapestry woven with countless moments of decision-making. Some choices are inconsequential, while others hold the power to shape our future. These pivotal moments, often referred to as ChoicePoints in our Online CBT Therapy, require careful consideration and thoughtful analysis.

Do you know how to recognize and manage your ChoicePoints, could you learn that in online CBT Therapy?

At FKC, we offer Online CBT Thearpy, a professional online group class led by Farah Kurji, that teaches participants the significance of ChoicePoints as part of CBT Therapy and how to navigate these choice points with grace. Once mastered, this can have a tremendous effect on our behaviors and how we deal with, well, let's face it, anything life throws at us on the daily!

Everyone experiences ChoicePoints each day (and some days, multiple times per day!)

For example, think of a moment when you have been suddenly challenged by your children, by your boss or manager, or by a comment made by a family member. How did you react? What did you say in that moment? Do you sometimes wish you could go back and change what took place?

The key is to learn to identify the ChoicePoint in each and every situation, know your values, and priorities, and learn to quickly assess potential outcomes of your behaviour in that moment. Easier said than done, right? This is a learned skill and takes practice!

ChoicePoints are the crossroads where decisions hold the power to shape our lives. By embracing the art of decision-making, armed with information, self-awareness, and open-mindedness, you can navigate these critical moments with confidence and clarity. Come learn with us!

To learn more about our Online CBT Therapy group classes where you can learn alongside others about your ChoicePoints and master valuable skills, book a free meet and greet and let's chat by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, if you'd rather engage in individual Online CBT Therapy you can click HERE for a free meet and greet so I can help you assess next steps.

Joining online CBT Therapy can help you embrace a path that aligns with your values and aspirations, knowing that each choice made in the future at your ChoicePoint contributes positively to your unique journey of personal and professional growth.

Short on time? To access our On-Demand Online CBT Therapy course you can watch anytime, click HERE.

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