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Saranki Sivan

BA-Hon., MSW, RSW, EMDR Therapist

Saranki is a city girl who loves Toronto -which means she can handle a lot of information at once, can navigate complicated topics, is observant values hard work, and gets when things don't go as planned!

A natural problem solver with a huge heart she as many skills including how to break down mental barriers so clients can unleash the true power of life!


Saranki knows how to meet clients where they are at and supports them to develop skills, untangle from past experiences and be present and empowered today!

Saranki collaborates with the team to ensure her clients are getting the best possible treatment. She provides counselling for anxiety, trauma, grief, stress, COVID experiences, and many other concerns from a strengths-based compassionate approach. 


She'll help you uncover the skills you didn't think had - and create more!

Saranki Sivan draws from CBT and DBT, EMDR among other approaches, and has experience with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, grief, relationships, and self-esteem.


As a racialized counsellor, Saranki recognizes the unique stressors and lived experiences that come with navigating often oppressive institutions and systems.


She is committed to offering a safe space to hold difficult feelings and work towards healing.


Saranki holds a Masters of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and a BA in Sociology from the University of Toronto.


True to the culture of our team - she is passionate and committed to lifelong learning!

Saranki is our go-to therapist for anxiety and depression counselling!

Saranki also specializes in counselling for professionals and counselling for South Asians.

After your first assessment, she creates your unique case formulation using the above tools will support you in achieving your goals!

​In her spare time,  Saranki enjoys spending time in the GTA, and visiting with family and friends.

You can book a free meet and greet with her HERE


"I felt heard. For someone who likes categorizing things, Saranki was able to identify categories for me. This is impressive!"

"I feel like she is really getting me!"

"I feel really comfortable talking with Saranki, I don’t have to explain south Asian dynamics, we can just get right into it"


Relevant Education and Work Experience

Honors BA - University of Toronto

Master of Social Work - Wilfried Laurier

Certified DBT Therapist

Certified United Cognitive Behavioral Therapist 

Sexual Violence Response Certification

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