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Learn how to have boundaries

You won't find another comprehensive, personalized and effective program like this!

The Online Graceful BoundariesTM program grew organically for clients who completed the CBT Plus - Authentically You program because they realized they needed to create Authentic Relationships!

This program engages with you to develop a deeper understanding of how to establish, repair and maintain healthy boundaries with others so you can have healthy and authentic relationships at work, in your relationship, and even with extended family members!  


Our approach works!


It's worked for 100's of clients in the last 6 years - let's connect and see if it can help you too!

Part 1 - Intake*

The intake and assessment process is an online meeting to understand what your personal goals are and where you get uniquely "stuck" or looping with boundaries.

This assessment may include diagnostic tools to support the exploration of the cause and what you would need.

*Intake not required for current patients

online counseling
online counselling

Part 2 - Getting to work

After your initial assessment, you will be invited to either individual, group sessions, or both.

Individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions will be private.

Group sessions are provided by Farah Kurji and there are 2 options for you to select from:

The 7-week consecutive group is perfect for individuals who can commit 7 weeks to attend online sessions to develop the same skills in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  If you're unable to attend 1-2 sessions no problem we have accommodations for that.

What To Expect:







"I didn't realize I needed this until after I was done and the weight was lifted off my shoulders.

"It was so hard to have to "cut people out" of my life - now I feel like I can maintain a healthy distance and still have some distance"

"I had no idea I could be empowered to navigate all the relationships in my life 

"I have found Farah Kurji to be so supportive, kind and experienced she has really helped me get unstuck!"

"The material is nicely organized and easy to understand so I could focus on meeting my growth goals"

"I feel like I'm finally doing something and making progress, Farah's grounded approach and skills shine through in this program" 

Still not sure? Take this quick quiz.

Hi, I'm Farah Kurji and the creator of CBT - Authentically You and Graceful Boundaries.

I created these courses after years of seeing my clients and contemporaries struggle with making sense of their own thoughts and subsequently, the boundaries, or lack thereof, they've set in their lives.

These practices are so important to living a truly fulfilled life and once you understand how to implement them, you will see a shift in your life toward peace.

The tools are effective but more importantly I'll be right there to help you implement them!

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