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Mental Health Classes

Why Mental Health Classes?

Because they are cost-effective and proven to get results!

I believe the gap between where we want to be and where we are is simply about skills.


What we need most is to have mental health skills we could not learn earlier in life - for whatever reason were not learned or needed in life so far. 

I believe that those skills ought to be taught in a way that is non-judgmental, effective, and convenient such as in a mental health class.

So, what's the best way to support people to learn from one another in a way that is effective, efficient, cost-effective, timely, and accessible in busy lives?

Fearless of a challenge this is what I set out to answer!

The result? Unique mental health classes are available to you online here - with my ongoing support as you work your way through a structured program. Group members are uniquely selected to ensure you complement one another in a way that enhances and supports your learning.

Our mental health classes allow you to join with like-minded learning-focused individuals who want to develop their mental health skills through intelligent discussion and self refelction.

Authentically YOU - CBT program: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in an online group format used to not only alleviate anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and stress but also to take good lifestyles and make them better because they are driven by your Authentic voice!

Graceful Boundaries - What are boundaries? Why do we need them? Where do they come (or not come) from and how do we implement and sustain the real world? Join an online group format to develop the skill of having - Graceful Boundaries!

Gone not Forgotten - The intimate and private experience of both tangible and intangible grief and loss - the loss and grief we can see and cannot see - the ones others can see and cannot see or even understand! What is loss, what meaning does it have and what happens when someone or something including ourselves is gone but not forgotten? How can we move through grief into growth?

If you need something more we also have on demand mental health classes available to you as soon as you register! 

Have more questions? Reach out any time!

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