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Convenience & Connection!

If your goal is to learn skills that actually work in a fun and dynamic environment look no further!

20 years of being a clinician have taught me a lot and I'm excited to share it all with you in a group setting.

But don't worry there's no pressure on you!

  • Optional to have your video on

  • Optional to speak in class

  • No judgment, no pressure!

  • Conveniently on zoom


If you see a group you're interested in or think of a group you'd like to see please don't hesitate  to reach out to me direct at: 

Welcome to Convenient, Connection, Expansion!
  • Conveniently online
  • Connecting with others and a professional therapist
  • Expand your skills and knowledge in a comfortable environment 

The Format:

Each group has been developed for and with our clients. We've custom designed the sessions based on what client's have asked us to focus on.

What To Expect :




The purpose of all groups is to provide support, skills, empowerment, and a safe space to process relevant experiences

There are group rules and an agreement signed before the group relating to confidentiality and disclosure. 

Nobody is pointed out or forced to engage

By providing this service in a group we can reduce the feelings of isolation, increase accessibility to mental health services, create a space to learn how to express yourself, hear others and explore different perspectives while developing connections.



All groups have the following components:

  • Live sessions: 

A skills presentation component where you are provided with new information on relevant skills 

Reflection time to contemplate the issues that might present as you adapt to new skills

Discussion time to release any barriers to healthy implementation


  • Online recorded videos:


24/7 Access to recorded materials to view the class again 

  • Materials

Relevant workbooks/journals/handouts/audio support to address various different types of information processing needs 

**All groups utilize evidence-based strategies and are heavily researched to be effective and helpful. They are always facilitated by an advance trained practitioner,


Graceful Boundaries Logo 1.png


Graceful Boundaries

Thursdays @12pm Alberta Time
2pm Ontario time

Ever struggle with where you start?

Where other's begin?

How to deal with people who cross boundaries?

Are you making the error of thinking boundaries mean conflict?

This 7 week group focuses on developing skills to enhance internal and external boundaries and to establish natural ways to manage difficult conversations.

The cost of this group is $85.85 per session


Space is limited to ensure good fit and compatibility amongst members.

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Saturdays @ 10am Alberta Time
2pm Ontario Time

What you think about impacts what you feel.

What you feel impacts what you do.

What you do impacts what you think.

And around and around we go!

It stands to reason then that developing strong skills in all 3 domains is why CBT is so effective in resolving issues of anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome and negative thinking. 

But this gets better! 

We've also added in the best of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (in the "behavioral" component of CBT") and Motivational Interviewing while being encompassed in a mindfulness tone. 

The cost of this group is $85.85 per session

Space is limited to ensure good fit and compatibility amongst members.

BUt not Forgotten (1).png


Gone But Not Forgotten

Alternating Thursdays
@ 12pm Alberta time
2pm Ontario time

Is it possible to feel stronger, clearer, and more authentic after you've had a significant loss?


I would say yes absolutely! Together we can make meaning out of loss and move forward with strength and clarity!


Loss is about change and can be an opportunity to grow.


Whether your loss is tangible (what you can see) or intangible (what you cannot) it can be disempowering and difficult to make sense and meaning of.  ​  This group works on understanding what grief is and how to move through it.

This group works on understanding what grief is and how to move through it without forgetting who you are.

The cost of this group is $85.85 per session.

Space is limited to ensure good fit and compatibility amongst members.

Yoga Therapy Groups

FKC focuses on mind-body integration and somatic healing. Yoga Therapy focuses on mind body and breath connection and recovery rather than on fitness and flexibility.

Our current offerings are as follows:


Foundational Yoga

with Nicole
Mondays at 6pm-645pm MST (Alberta)
(8pm Ontario)

Please note: this session requires an individual assessment prior to the start of group which can be booked HERE

The assessment allows the practitioner to learn more about how you experience your body and what injuries or preferences you may have.


Week 1 – “I am aware of how I feel”

Week 2 – “I feel a range of emotions & energy”

Week 3 – “I recognize when I need self care”

Week 4  – “I have tools to support myself”


The focus for the 4 weeks:

- Awareness of how your body is feeling

- Recognize what brings you comfort

- Understanding of how to seek comfort 

- Ability to connect to your sense to feel grounded 

- Develop a personal supportive “toolbox”




Clothing – Comfortable clothes that you can move in. 


Adjustment & Environment  – Allow for a period of adjustment into a space where you feel comfortable and are able to move safely removed from distractions.


Materials - Journal, blanket, pillows nearby for support, yoga block if available but not necessary.


We honor yoga as a practice that supports all individuals and all levels. You do not need any prior experience to take part in these sessions. All participants will be met with respect and are welcome. 


4 week commitment

Assessment: $150


Season Based Yoga
with Nicole
Tuesdays 6pm-7pm MST (Alberta)
(8pm Ontario)

Please note: this session requires pervious experience - foundational yoga therapy is strongly required to help students better bridge between usual yoga "classes" and yoga therapy.

We will explore breath, movement, and mediation to embrace our current season.


Noticing the shift that takes place within as the environment around us changes. Restore, refresh and inspire to nurture your nature. 


4-week committment


Yoga Therapy

with Helene
Time: 6:30pm
MST (Alberta)
(8:30 pm

Please note: this class is available after the complimentary intake is complete.

Session 1) What Grounds you

In this class we will explore one of the most important tools to self regulate ourselves. 


Grounding can be an action, person, place, thing, or, a shape (yoga pose) or breath practice.

Session 2) Self Care

Exploring ways to nurture ourselves fuels the energy, and resilience to be with others and in life.

Session 3) Purpose

 "Man’s Search for Meaning” a memoir by psychiatrist and holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s talks of how purpose is our primary drive in life. It is the 1st of the 4 Purusharthas (deep desires). 

Purpose helps ups get up in the morning and thrive through life.

It changes in different times in our lives, but always a gift to uncover.

With some self inquiry this class will help shed a light to guide you forward.

Session 4) Intention

Once you have found tools that ground you, ways to care for self, and a purpose (for this time), intention is what will move it forward into your life. 

Setting a Samkalpa (intention) brings forth the movement towards a more manageable and balanced mind, and life.


4-week commitment

Complimentary intake