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Healthy Boundaries
Healthy Relationships
With Yourself and Others!

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The Graceful Boundaries   program strategically teaches you to establish and maintain the boundaries you, and those around you, need you to have so you can have enriching relationships.

And the best part? You can start with an advanced therapist immediately after registering!


Saying yes when you mean no?

Struggling with being too nice?

Trying to figure out "how to" do Boundaries?

Unsure of how to create and maintain Boundaries?


*Boundaries don't have to be rigid it is possible to have gentle, graceful and respected boundaries ...

I  empower you to build Graceful Boundaries

Graceful Boundaries


What To Expect:


Light Up Your Authentic Core 


What matters to you?

What are you willing to compromise?

What are you not willing to compromise and how do you do that?

Unlock peace in the simplicity of these skills

Hi, I'm Farah Kurji and the creator of CBT - Authentically You and Graceful Boundaries.

I created these courses after years of seeing my clients and contemporaries struggle with making sense of their own thoughts and subsequently, the boundaries, or lack thereof, they've set in their lives.

These practices are so important to living a truly fulfilled life and once you understand how to implement them, you will see a shift in your life toward peace.

The tools are effective but more importantly I'll be right there to help you implement them!

Happy Couple

"I feel so free and empowered now in my relationships!"

Senior couple hugging

"Where I would have once felt angry and stuck in thoughts after conversations I now can see clearly what is happening and how to manage"

Young Man Smiling in the Office

"I'm no longer uncomfortable meeting new people and managing expectations of our relationship"

"Thanks fo this course I am now in healthier, happier and meaningful personal and professional relationships' 

"I feel like I'm finally doing something and making progress, Farah's grounded approach and skills shine through in this program" 

"The material is nicely organized and easy to understand so I could focus on meeting my growth goals"

Set the boundaries you need to start thriving today.

Still not sure? Take this quick quiz.

An offering from Farah

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