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Professional Helpers need support too!

Image by Ivana Cajina

Front line works include paramedics, health care professionals, police service, stars, firefighters and other helping professionals.

You run in when the rest of the world runs out.

The pressures and dynamics are unique.

Our team has extensive experience and training in supporting you, driven by our own desire to be your back up.

Too many times burnout, compassion fatigue and PTSD become barriers to amazing people not being able to engage in the careers they love.

Stop overthinking.


Stop letting it impact your relationships.


We invite you to drop down debrief, reprocess, and actually let it go.


Long Road

"I thought flashbacks were like the movie. I seriously thought I was just "thinking about it" but through this process I'm seeing just how much I was being affected!"


"I really appreciate that the team is online - it works with my shift work schedule, I have the privacy of being at home and I save travel time - it's literally just an hour!"

Mountain View

"Their experience in the field meant I didn't have to explain the unwritten rules or worry about being judged, she really got me"

Approved providers with direct billing for CPS and family members.

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