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Emergency Vehicles

First Responders

Counselling for font line works includes paramedics, health care professionals, police service, stars, firefighters, other helping professionals and their families!


Direct Billing Available

You run in when the rest of the world runs out.

Counselling first responders and their families requires a therapist to be able to understand how, when and why the above holds true.

The pressures and dynamics for first responders and their families are unique!


Therapy for frontline workers addresses the dynamic aspects of stress that require a different skill set.


When counselling first responders we know that your job impacts more than just your duties when on shift.


It can impact the way in which you show up in relationships with a spouse, parent, son/daughter, sibling, friend and most importantly how you show up with yourself.

You show up to the world in a different way when you have seen things most people don't because of your work as a first responder. As a result, counselling for first responders has to take into account that typical strategies to care for your mind, body and spirit are going to look different.

It means that your needs from a session will be dynamic.

In fact, you're the reason our team works primarily online - because we understand that shift work and a high need for confidentiality and privacy! We know that you may have "exactly" an hour, a need for a session "asap" after a tough shift to debrief and moreover small talk in an elevator near your last incident location isn't ideal!

We also know that when we are counselling first responders we do better work with you when you're completely relaxed - and what better place than the location YOU chose?

Too many times burnout, compassion fatigue, and PTSD become barriers to amazing people not being able to engage in the careers they love.

Our team has extensive experience and training in supporting you, driven by our desire to be your backup.

Stop overthinking.


Stop letting it impact your relationships.


We invite you to drop down debrief, reprocess, and actually let it go.



Jenna Ibach
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Jena Hemraj
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Online & In Person

Approved providers with direct billing for members and family.

Long Road

"I thought flashbacks were like in

the movies. I seriously thought I was just "thinking about it" but through this process, I'm seeing just how much I was being affected!"


"I really appreciate that the team is online - it helps with my shift work schedule, I have the privacy of being at home and I save travel time - it's literally just an hour!"

Mountain View

"Their experience in the field meant I didn't have to explain the unwritten rules or worry about being judged, she really got me"

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