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South Asian 

Being a first-generation South Asian Canadian Professional from immigrant parents comes with it's own set of unique challenges and strengths. Driven, hard-working and not able to settle! 

But also, perfectionism, being hard on yourself and others, wearing masks, faking confidence and sometimes being confused about one's authentic identity!

The term ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi) was something a lot of our team grew up with but - the struggle is real and sometimes hard to explain to someone without lived experience.


We feel grateful to offer you a space where you don't necessarily have to explain south asian customs, rituals, practices, beliefs, relationships, boundaries (or lack thereof) and why Chai Tea is incredibly redundant! 

So what happens - when the school classes are done, your profession and maybe even partner decisions are all "set" and you are still feeling a little "stuck".

Not actually pathologically depressed or anxious - but a little unsure of who are you now that you aren't having to juggle between all the worlds you existed in?

Is it time to look at how there may be small and "little t" traumas in the first born Canadian experience? Being a professional in your field and good at what you do at work may still leave you with areas where you need support.

Our team of professional South Asians have lived experience as well as an academic understanding of the research and tools needed to come into your authentic space where you feel grounded and comfortable being seen for all of you!

We are privileged and grateful to embrace the experience of culture, assimilation, mosaic identity and to explore how to resolve past hurts so your present and future can be as powerful as other people think you are! 

We specialize in South Asian Counselling to support you in finding your own tune and song which means we won't tell you what to do and how to do it but we will support you by holding a non judgemental open space for you to explore who you really are and how you want to live your life!


We are happy to connect whenever you are ready! 

If you have questions please reach out and book your complimentary meet and greet!

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