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The CBT Authentically You   program is built uniquely for you to help make manage and empower your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

And the best part? You start with an advanced therapist immediately after registering while having access to the online skills!


Tired of your thoughts spinning?

Feeling stuck?

Can't seem to feel in control of your life?

Come join our professional psycho-educational program to teach you skills to recover and strengthen your inner world of thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

Let me show you how easy it is!

Authentically You: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


A unique program built to help you develop your inner world of thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

  • Optional, easy to follow online videos for self study  

  • 7 weeks of live classes for integration of what you studied

  • Workbooks

  • Email support

Feeling anxious? Depressed? Overwhelmed?

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the number one proven form of treatment for stress, anxiety and depression!

Let Go of the Same Old Same Old





  • Online skills training video sessions with handouts


  • Virtually meet the therapist in a classroom style setting to learn how to implement

  • Option to call-in or video-in

  • Verbally ask your questions or comments

  • Privately message your questions or comments

  • See exactly how to implement the skills through examples!

  • 4 Private calls with the therapist



  • 30 minute support calls are included:

    • 2 calls for material support 

    • 2 calls for mood support

  • Email support as needed



  • Full access to handouts and numerous resources



  • Get reimbursed by most insurance companies

The program ends with an in depth look at relapse prevention and resilience skills.

Hi, I'm Farah Kurji and the creator of Authentically You and Graceful Boundaries.

I created these courses after years of seeing my clients and contemporaries struggle with making sense of their own thoughts and subsequently, the boundaries, or lack thereof, they've set in their lives.

These practices are so important to living a truly fulfilled life and once you understand how to implement them, you will see a shift in your life toward peace.

The tools you will learn in these courses will get you there but the most important question is, are you ready to start?


What People Say 

Happy Couple

"After all this time.
After all the effort.

After all the pain.
After all the attempts.
I am finally making progress."

Senior couple hugging

"Something is shifting, it's shifting for good. For confidence. I have hope again."

Young Man Smiling in the Office

"The days of being frantic seem so far away. I don't even know how I survived like that. I love this. I love feeling calm. Steady. Grounded. Thank you."

"I am a much calmer and grounded person after having taken this course and working with Farah".

"The material is nicely organized and easy to understand so I could focus on meeting my growth goals"

"I feel like I'm finally doing something and making progress, Farah's grounded approach and skills shine through in this program" 

Get out of your head and into your life!

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