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I never thought of it that way!

Updated: May 11, 2023

That's probably the best thing a client can say to us therapists! We pride ourselves on inviting you to see perspectives and strategies in a way that you would not have considered. If we're always nodding silently and telling you what you want to hear - we aren't doing our jobs right!

Asking critical questions, hearing what you are not saying and giving voice to your dreams is part of the counseling process.

Even if you think you are self aware...blind spots are still blind spots!

There's an incredible strength to having a therapist to check in with on a regular basis who is objective and highly trained in treatment interventions to prevent anxiety, depression, stress, outbursts of anger.

And did you know, every great therapist...has a therapist?


Farah counsellor

The Farah Kurji Counselling Team is dedicated to being professional, effective and compassionate by remaining highly trained in EMDR, CBT, and research-based treatment modalities.


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