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How to have a successful online EMDR counselling session

Updated: Oct 5, 2023


So you’re thinking of stepping into the world of online therapy! Welcome and sorry but not sorry – we’re pretty sure you won’t go back to in person once you realize how convenient it is to squeeze in time for you, how effective it is when precious time isn’t wasted with things like waiting for an elevator and how private it is!

So how do you ensure that your session is as amazing as we’d like it to be for you? Well we’ve compiled a short list of tips!

Ensure you have strong wifi

It feels like it should go without saying but honestly, check where you are situated and pre-test how many “bars” you have. Sometimes it can feel like it will be “just fine” but then you get started and have to interrupt yourself which can feel uncomfortable.


Let us know if we’ve frozen or there’s a glitch somewhere! In our practice we use the phone as a back up so in case we get disconnected we continue the session through the phone.

Camera awareness

Try to test and set up your camera while you’re in the waiting room. It’s helpful if you can be centered on the screen and we can see from shoulders up. Less of the ceiling, no half faces and please don’t put us on your laps or staring up your nose!

We need and want to see your facial expressions, breathing changes and other non verbal’s!

We want to hear you!

Be sure to have a good mic set up and some people find it helpful to use earplugs

Desktop vs. Phone

Is a desktop better than a phone or ipad and we say – absolutely! Especially if we are doing EMDR. It also allows you to be more comfortable – holding your phone for an hour while you could potentially be crying can’t be great for you! But we also know life happens so if you need to do a session in the car with your phone – we get it. Generally speaking though, a laptop or computer works best and in whatever location you are most comfortable.


Try to keep notifications, pets and deliveries away from the space in which you sit with us to go within yourself. It’s also helpful if you hide self-view. No need to worry about fly away hairs – you wouldn’t have that view if you were in office – and really we’re not looking at that anyways!


If we could we would offer you some comforts like a journal, Kleenex, water and even a blanket so feel free to make yourself cozy and comfortable too!

We hope these tips help and look forward to having a great session to connect in!

Farah counselor

Farah Kurji BSW, MSW, RSW is an advanced level professional counselor specializing in CBT and EMDR. She provides treatment for various mental health conditions including grief, anxiety, depression, and trauma. You can reach her and her team at or book HERE


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