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You are not your past.

Updated: May 11, 2023

You are more than your childhood experiences.

What you experienced - even if they they were adverse childhood experiences or childhood trauma- does not define who you are.

It can impact, influence and even teach you what you will not do. But it is not who you are.

You are the author. You hold the pen. You write your own story.

You are more than your childhood experiences.

Whatever you needed to do to survive difficult times was not wrong. These were behaviors you needed for survival and they are more than ok. You are ok.

EMDR Counseling can support you in healing and uncovering how what you are holding on to from childhood experiences can impact your focus, success, ability to have joy and to have a full, rich and meaningful life today. It can contribute to anxiety, depression, PTSD, depersonalization and even impact the relationships you have today.

Don't let experiences from yesterdays drag you down today.

You are more than your childhood experiences.

And if you're ready to heal and explore who you truly are and what power lies within you - we'd love to connect with you!


Farah emdr counsellor

Farah M. Kurji is an advanced trained clinician specializing in trauma, loss, anxiety and depression. She includes EMDR & CBT amongst her treatment modalities. Farah also provides clinical consultations and debriefing. You can book with her or her team HERE.

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