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Therapy Couch meets Yoga Mat!

Updated: May 11, 2023

I think you're going to notice an emerging offering that is becoming more and more popular - the undeniable combination of Therapy for Trauma with Trauma Yoga Therapy!

As I embarked on my journey of treating clients with PTSD, stress and various forms of trauma, anxiety, and depression I couldn't help but notice the somatic reactions of patients. How they held their shoulders, breathed, moved, sat in their chairs.

As I continued to endeavor through EMDR I gathered even more evidence of how the mind-body relationship can be both harmful and healing.

We hold memories and experiences in our body and moreover we tend to remember negative things more rapidly. If those memories are difficult they will store them maladaptively and they will interfere with our health and wellbeing.

After pursuing my own Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Teaching Certification through Mandorla Yoga I couldn't wait to come back to the practice and share the benefits with clinicians and clients alike!

Here's what we see happening - clients who are combining Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy with their EMDR or counseling sessions are reporting greater and more sustainable gains! As a result of this feedback, we now offer various groups throughout the year which will help you to access yoga classes from the comfort of your home, regardless of your yoga experience or flexibility.

Here's an option to consider:

Your initial intake appointment is provided one to on in privacy. You can book an individual assessment in which you are provided with your own "dhosha" assessment, you share your limitations, preferences including injuries and briefly share any areas of the body you feel hold trauma and a vinyasa is uniquely created for you.

After this, you can continue to meet privately with the trauma yoga therapist or you can join any of our 4 week groups.

If you're curious or would like more information please do reach out to us HERE! Or learn more HERE!


Stefanie Wilton owns Mandorla Yoga Practice and Teaching Studio.

She is excited to work with the Farah Kurji Associates team to provide gentle, respectful yoga guidance for clients. You can book with her HERE

Counsellor, Therapist

Farah Kurji founded Farah Kurji Counselling & Yoga Services and studied continues to learn from Stefanie. Farah is a highly experienced professional counselor specializing in Trauma and EMDR. She enjoys providing consultations for other clinicians and is excited to bring Trauma Informed Yoga to the counselling services provided by the team.

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