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Coaching or Counselling?

Updated: May 11, 2023

I recently read a post that I interpreted as putting counseling in a negative light. Noting that professional counseling only focuses on the past and not on the future so you should be doing life coaching instead.

I think I can understand where that mistake happens. Yes, counseling can be about resolving what’s in the past if needed - but it’s with the intention to bring equanimity and empowerment to the present and future.

Motivational interviewing and behavioral activation are craft counseling tools used by professional therapists - to support you in developing skills you may not have learned in the past but need now.

Don’t our past experiences influence who we are today and how we will approach tomorrow?

If we haven’t had resolution it can certainly create for a bumpy ride bearing a lot of awkwardly packed luggage.

Make no mistake – professional regulated counseling is not about lying on the couch woefully lamenting about your past and having a cigar – it’s about goals, solutions, and healing - no cigars sorry!

It’s about setting up your success and skills. Working with a counselor also brings the insurance of knowing that if you hit any kind of mental health diagnosis – we can treat that too!

Sometimes past experiences can pop into our minds involuntarily. Sometimes we don't realize how past habits are narrating how we make choices today. Unlearning is very much a part of moving forward. Past experiences popping into your mind don't have to happen the symptom and related causes can be treated!

I believe there is a place for mentorship, accountability, and coaching - in certain areas of your life. I work with a lot of coaches who will refer to me if they hit a maybe it's not a question of counseling OR coaching and more about determining what you actually need and if the two can work together!

If you're not sure give us a call - we're happy to connect you with either!

Farah counselor and therapist

Farah Kurji BSW, MSW, RCSW, YTT, Certified EMDR therapy is the founder and a therapist with Farah Kurji Counselling Services you can book a complimentary meet and greet with her HERE


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