Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the number one form of treatment for stress, anxiety and depression and its efficacy is proven through multiple research findings.

The therapy itself is Evidence Based and develops skills to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


This awareness allows us to better manage our lives and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Learning with a trained therapist as well as within a group allows you to be supported and able to enrich your learning by engaging with others.

What's included: 



  • 18+ online sessions



  1. Online regular video group video calls

  2. Option to call-in

  3. Option to Video-in

  4. Verbally ask your questions or comments

  5. Privately message your questions or comments



  • 30 minute support calls 

  • 2 calls for material support 

  • 2 calls for mood support

  • Email support as needed



  • Full access to handouts and numerous resources



  • Get reimbursed by most insurance companies

NOTE: Once this course is complete, there is a second stage program called CBT-Advance which clients optionally join for ongoing growth.


In this second stage program we go deeper and further beyond the basic model concepts. 


Thoughts will include: understanding "stuck" not broken; understanding social and emotional development and ways in which individuals can be stunted and how to activate growth, personality profiling, cognitive fusion, meditation.


Feelings: we will look further into the emotion of anger and it's relationship with anxiety and depression, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness.


Behaviors: self as context, self acceptance, boundaries, increasing one's tolerance to be calm and present, neurobiological effects of trauma and treatment considerations.


The program ends with an in depth look at relapse prevention and resilience skills.

What People Say..

Calgary, AB (anxiety)

"I am a much calmer and grounded person after having taken this course and working with Farah".

Calgary, AB (personal growth)

"The material is nicely organized and easy to understand so I could focus on meeting my growth goals"

Rural, ON (stress)

"I feel like I'm finally doing something and making progress, Farah's grounded approach and skills shine through in this program"