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Online Self Paced Courses
a la carte

How this works:

One-time purchase of any of these courses which are 30-45 mins long to grasp the key concepts related to that topic.

Program Access is immediate for 30 days and non-refundable

* For Information Only: not to be considered as a substitute for individual therapy

For further information please email:

Sleep Hygiene - Tired of being tired?

How to go to sleep, stay asleep and enjoy a good night's rest!



A clear understanding of Depression, what it is and how it's best managed


Difficult Conversations

We all have to have them so how do we do it?

difficult convos image.png

 Anxiety & Panic

Skill focus: An overview of what panic and anxiety is and how it's best managed


Seasonal Affective Disorder

An overview of what SAD is and strategies to treat



Everyone says to "breathe" but why and how? What's the most effective way?


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