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"An empowering approach to processing through the transformational experience of loss and grief"

What is loss? What is the meaning and purpose of it? Is there value in loving, losing, grieving and growing? Is loss "good","bad" or "both"? And more importantly, does it EVER get better?

How can we make sense of loss, find meaning and movement towards a higher, elevated state that empowers us to thrive?

Grief holds within it so many deeper theologial and inner exploration questions and preponderances, like an audacious challenge – few things can invite us to contemplate existence quite like the death or dying of a concrete or abstract love.

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What To Expect:


Hi, I'm Farah Kurji and the creator of evidence based programs that you can actually implement.

Join me on this journey - my most powerful offering through loss and grief. 

You will no doubt experience a shift in your life toward peace.

Clients tell me that this program experience has been by far the most transformative and and uplifting loss and grief experience they have had - as always, please know that I'll be right here to walk with you through this pathway into a space of renewal!

In loving memory of my father –who taught me that honorable service to the community is an important responsibility, that seeing, hearing and walking with another is an honor and a privilege…and so too is loving and losing. Gone, never forgotten.

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