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  • Do I need a doctor's referral?
    No, doctor’s referral is not necessary to engage in the program; however, a 30 minute complimenatery assessment is encouraged.
  • What if I’m not good with computers?
    No problem – if you can manage clicking on an email link you should be good to go! Help is available along the way!
  • Do I have to talk with others?
    Absolutely not! You will never be forced, called upon or pinpointed to engage in group discussion; your engagement is completely in your control – follow your own comfort and safety level!
  • What if i’m going on vacation?
    No problem! Take us with you OR pick up where you left when you return!
  • Are refunds provided?
    Unfortunately, given the nature of the program and the need for commitment to the group, refunds cannot be provided. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you need prior to engaging and to attend an in person assessment to ensure it’s a good fit.
  • What if my symptoms are related to early childhood issues?
    Childhood experiences are sometimes carried with us into adulthood; this course does provide some teachings on how childhood experiences can impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • What if my symptoms are related to trauma?
    Trauma can be healed with CBT however it is good to ensure your facilitator is aware. This is good information to share at your assessment and to potentially keep a therapist available to you throughout the program.
  • Is there a mindful component to learn how to be calm?
    Yes! Absolutely! Studies show that incorporating mindfulness into CBT supports quicker and longer lasting results.
  • Can I still continue my in person therapy?
    Yes, absolutely! This is a skills class and not counseling. If you would like to see Farah, the door is always open! Alternatively, you are aslo welcome to see your own Therapist as well.
  • Is this program eligigle to be subsidized through my benefits?
    All insurance companies are unique; please contact your provider to ensure that you have benefits for counseling.
  • What is the best way to learn online?
    Setting a consistent time and location to learn is the best way to ensure you stay focused and ready; but of course life happens so allow yourself flexibility while still ensuring it’s “in your schedule” should be helpful!
  • What does the cost include?
    Easy to use online learning modules – videos, handouts and quizzes so you can ensure you are grasping the materials. You will also have regular video conference calls that you can attend from your computer, phone or iPad. Option for anonymity on the calls choice of how much you want to engage; access to a “chat feature” where you can type a question to the facilitator or other members privately, or the group as a whole. Two thirty-minute calls, with Farah, to review content information. Two thirty-minute calls, with Farah, to review any mood changes.
  • My question isn’t listed here
    Reach out any time! Give us a call at 403-462-9211 or email
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