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Farah Kurji



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With the expertise at Farah Kurji & Team, you get counseling when you need it through secure & encrypted video online therapy.

Because life can be hard enough -- accessing high-quality counseling shouldn't be.

You've got the courage - we get your goal!

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Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Is life feeling unclear? Feeling Stuck?

Is your vision of who you are and what you wanted from the world shifting?

Maybe you're reaching a turning point in your life?

Have you been wondering or told you may have anxiety or depression? 

Ready to build new skills and get "unstuck"?

You've come to the right place!

Our team of compassionate, skilled, and open-minded therapists is here for you. We meet you wherever you are on your path and help you get to where you want to be.

We are located in Calgary, Toronto, Hamilton, and Sarnia but provide professional, encrypted BIPOC informed EMDR and psychotherapy online for your convenience!

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Ready to get started NOW?


Strapped for time?

Want to get on with learning strategies that work?

Do you know yourself well enough and recognize your missing skills?

Love learning beyond pop psychology?

Check out our on demand and Live classes!

Got a new diagnosis?

Let's get started!


EMDR is an Integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma and other causes of distress.

It can also be used for performance enhancement in various settings.

Farah Kurji has advanced level training and provides treatment for PTSD, Grief, Pain,  Anxiety, Depression and other traumas.

Farah is also a Certified Consultant for other clinicians.


We are passionate, experienced clinicians.
We are professionals whom you can trust.
When you join our practice you'll know we genuinely care about you and your progress
We are who you call when it matters,
When nothing else works, 
When you are ready for change!

"These are not head nodding cookie cutter therapists  -they get right in there, ask you thought provoking questions to help you figure things out!"

"Farah brought with her not only extensive qualifications and expertise but also a compassionate, disarming manner that allowed serious and imperative topics to be discussed freely and comfortably in open conversation."

"This team will work with your style - if you like handouts and workbooks she's got you but if you prefer not she's good with that too - her flexibility and ability to help you understand and develop customized tools is priceless!"

"I feel so cared for by Farah and her team, they genuinely care about who you are and what you need.

You can feel how vested Farah is in their work and supporting them"

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