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Empowerment through Grief

A Powerful structured journey to unleash your inner self when grief holds on and won't let go

Presented by Farah M. Kurji,
Founder & CEO at Farah Kurji Counselling& Psychotherapy

Farah M. Kurji is an advanced skilled professional therapist with over 25 years of experiences.

She holds has been published as being ahead of her time with keen awareness of the tools and skills people need to empower themselves.

Ms. Kurji creates empowering and transformative group programs that allow for individuals to achieve strength in pain and freedom when stuck. 

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Not your ordinary "group"

I didn't want to sit in a circle and talk about my feelings. I wanted to actually understand what the heck is going on with me, why I had brain fog, why I couldn't "just move on" - this program was exactly what I needed to understand and not feel weak

Helped me express to others

I felt so cared for and supported as I went through the program- I have a sold understanding of what I'm going through and how to communicate with others

Had the privacy and space I needed

It was such an intelligent experience. I could be on my own processing but part of a group and structured in the information we  were working on

More than I thought I'd get

I thought I was just doing this program for one loss - but then as life has gone on I'm realizing that this experience better prepared me for things I didn't know would come down the pipe 

Perfect recipe

I loved how she (Farah) went back and forth between teaching us what was normal with grief and allowing us space to do activities WITH our grief - we weren't just sitting around crying 


I didn't feel like people in my life would ever understand my experience because honestly I didn't even understand it. Working with Farah Kurji allowed me to feel stronger and clearer as I move forward

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