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Mind & Body Integrated Healing

Integrating Yoga with Counselling

Undeniably, the connection between the mind and the body can enhance or deprive our life experiences and especially our excellence in mental health. 

My passion is to support you in your quest to develop a meaningful life of feeling grounded and at ease.

I am grateful to be able to provide information and resources to enhance your mood and mind through physical exercise. 

I remain passionate about "spin" and "yin" - a combination of cardio (knowing that 20mins of increased heart rate 3 times a week** can have a drastic improvement on mood) and Yoga which been proven to be effective in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms*.

I am proud to say I have had the journey to become a certified Yoga Therapy Teacher. 

So...What does this all mean for you?

If you are open to it you are invited to incorporate exercise and yoga into your treatment plan - let's chat more!

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