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Family Picnic



Are family dynamics getting in the way of strong and healthy relationships?

Are boundaries being broken and miscommunicated?

As families evolve so too does their need to communicate, resolve conflict and improve intimacy and depth!

At FKC we encourage family counseling not just in times of crisis but also when things are going well so you can focus on what IS going well and how to maintain it or address smaller issues that could have the potential of becoming bigger issues. 

We are trained family counseling providers and use a non- judgemental and open inclusive practice. Our methods are always evidence-based methods and is curated to the needs of your family!

Curious to learn more? 

Book a free meet and greet HERE!

Image by Carrie Borden


If you feel you are in distress or need  immediate response please call the 

Distress Line: 403-266-HELP (4357)

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