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Is EDMR Consulting right for me?


  1. Have EMDR training but not “really” using it?

  2. Feel like you don’t have all the confidence you’d like to unleash the power of EMDR?

  3. Ready to break the silence and isolation and form your art as a therapist?



Prevent common mistakes by being confident in how to:

  • Define the AIP and what it means

  • Get the NC and why we need to get it

  • The difference between PC Install and RDI

  • How to do a re evaluation

  • The proper progression of the elements of Phase 3 and why they are in this order

  • Debriefing of Individual challenges and experiences 

  • Develop confidence on the 8 phase and 3 pronged standard EMDR therapy

  • Please expect to participate and be prepared to present an EMDR related case on the date you sign up for using the standard protocol



Online Video Conferences – once registered you will be sent a link to follow; sessions are recorded in case you need to miss one; each session I will lead a “mini lecture” on the above followed by a member’s case discussion; 

We try to cap each group with 4 people; each consultee will receive an opportunity for individual consultation within the group; 

If you are working towards EMDRIA Certification you could count “your” 30minutes as individual consultation and other’s times as your group consultation; For example: if you come to 20 groups you will have 10 hours of individual and 20-25 of group hours. 


Texts and Reading:

We will be based in Francine Shapiro’s EMDR 3rd edition book with optional reading articles 




EMDRIA approved basic training, preferred active clinical caseload in which you are using or hoping to use EMDR; an open and non judgemental attitude and desire to learn together



EMDRIA/EMDR-Canada Compliance

The new consultation package was just released and there are some expected changes pertaining to Individual Consultation for Certifications. These changes take effect Jan 1, 2020 – if you are hoping to become certified please visit their site or connect with me to discuss. All hours are eligible for the EMDRIA Certificated in EMDR Credentials; EMDR Consultation Agreement and Form will be provided upon interest; 



2020 Dates & investment

4 session commitment – approximately 3rd Wednesday of the Month Please note: EMDRIA requires that each clinician attending a group consultation session be afforded the opportunity to present/question for a minimum of 15 minutes.


Group Consultation:

$100 /90 minute group if tuition is paid in full ($400) prior to first session 

Individual consultation: $200/hour; Sent via e transfer to: Farah@farahkurji.com 


*Receipts and letters of support for EMDRIA Certification where appropriate

EMDR Canada Regional Networking events are held quarterly - please email us through the contact form for details