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Burn out is often seen as a “taboo” word; the truth that the more we allow “burn out” and “compassion fatigue” to become words we cannot speak the more power and isolation we give to the real experience many professionals and caregivers experience.

I am passionate to support professionals and caregivers to ensure their own mental and emotional stamina is maintained when providing care for others.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"


- Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes it’s difficult for professionals to prioritize their own care in a  fast pace and changing world. We came to our fields with a genuine desire to "help" but we know we can't do our work well without one another.  Debriefing and owning your personal experiences can be especially powerful to the work you do and is a component in preventing compassion fatigue and burn out.

Connect yourself with a place that is compassionate, non judgmental and effective so you can process, or review EMDR protocols either individually or in groups can ensure you are clear minded, adhering to best practices, and in groups ensuring you're aligned with your colleagues. 


Both the individual and group consults are done via online video conferencing or by phone - so you don't have to lose time in travel, leave your office, miss lunch! or have any other excuses to not take care of who your clients are depending on as a healthy therapist! 

Please reach out for more information and to understand what your needs are. We will also clarify the the Limits of service (i.e. this is not supervision and there is no employment relationship; nor will I  direct what you do in your sessions with your clients)

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