Graceful Boundries


Where you end and where I begin

I don't believe all boundaries need to be rigid but I do believe they need to exist...

But how do we do that?


How do we have boundaries that we can gracefully manage, so others know what to expect of us and we know how to manage the sometimes unexpected?

First step: know your authentic core 


1) What matters to you?

2) What you’re willing to compromise?

3) How much you are willing to compromise?

In this comprehensive and easy to use program you will learn:


1) What internal and external boundaries are;

2) how to make and establish them – with Grace

No previous experience necessary

What's included: 



  • 1 year



  1. Includes 20 videos



  • 4 phone calls with an experience therapist

  • Monthly group conference calls (duration: 12 months)



  • $997



  • Get reimbursed by most insurance companies

I really struggled with Boundraries within our families, I didn't want to be rude or ruin relationships; now I have the skills to have boundaries with Grace!"

Calgary, AB 

Female Trainer with Pink Top

I really needed skills to implement Boundaries so I could have work life balance. Classes with Farah showed me how to trust my gut and be confident in my boundaries"

Edmonton, AB

"I love that we learned how to handle boundaries smoothly when someone tries to cross them!"

London, ON