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Life is Stressful!

Updated: Mar 31

Let's face it, with life, comes stress! None of us are immune. Thankfully, there are steps we can take to help ease the negative effects of stress to help us cope and stay healthy!

What can help each of us, of course, can be different but here is a list of some things you can implement right now if you are seeking some solutions for stress: Nutrition – Nutrition is a primary factor in combating stress. Eating a healthy diet is a great way to help offset the negative effects of stress. Sleep - Sleep is so important as a tool to combat stress. Getting the amount of sleep we need each night is a great way to help us manage and cope with life's daily stressors. FKC offers various lunch and learns to help you customize your life patterns to increase sleep! Interested? Book HERE Exercise - You know the importance of daily exercise has been researched heavily and that Movement can improve both our physical and mental health. Yoga is a wonderful form of movement that can reduce the negative effects of stress. At FKC, we run yoga therapy groups monthly and, as our Yoga Therapy Clinician Nicole states “…yoga and movement can offer a pillar of support.” Learn more HERE Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT is the number one form of treatment for stress! At FKC, we run 7-week groups led by Farah Kurji that teach participants skills on how to master their thoughts, feelings and behaviors to help increase their coping skills and aid in combating the negative effects of stress.

Processing Emotions - Grief and loss can feel overwhelming - there are so many layers to the intimate experience. Our Gone but not forgotten group focuses on reclaiming yourself and recovering as you restore your understanding and experience of grief.

Reach out for help! - If you need support related to stress you may be experiencing, please reach out. Our therapists offer individual counseling to help support your life journey and combat stress. You can book with any of us HERE

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