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Are you starting a new family?

Is your relationship changing or being challenged?

Is your developed family starting to pull in opposite directions?

Are you having "out law" "In law" dynamics?

Is this the natural time in your life where various identities are forming? – or storming!

How do you create strong families that can respectfully communicate and have each individual needs met?


Our sessions can help you to create the home you want – a home driven by values, meaning and respect. 

Our evidence-based approach includes Family Systems, EMDR, Emotion-Focused, and Gottman Techniques. 

The process we use follows evidence based practices:

First session: we meet with one partner

Second session: we meet with the other partner

Third session: we will meet with both of you and provide our professional, clinical recommendation (sometimes we suggest individual therapy prior to couple work)

While this may feel like it takes longer we have found that the success rates for couples who follow this process is much higher.

Please note: if you are working with an individual therapist we believe it's a conflict of interest to have the same therapist provide couple work; instead one of our amazing team members will be happy to provide the couple counselling!

We are happy to work with you to navigate simply click here!

Image by Carrie Borden


If you feel you are in distress or need  immediate response please call the 

Distress Line: 403-266-HELP (4357)

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