Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

CBT is a long-standing evidence-based therapeutic approach, that works best when provided by a trained therapist. 

 What you think about, affects what you feel, which affects what you think about. As you work with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you begin to realize who you are, how you react, how you respond, and where you need to develop skills and tools!

Sometimes, CBT can be done through self-help books but more often an objective, a professional therapist can support you in identifying your blindspots and developing skills and tools.

Our 2 step approach is's why!

Part 1 - Intake

The intake and assessment process is an online meeting to understand what your personal goals are and where you get uniquely "stuck" or looping.

This assessment may include diagnostic tools to support the exploration of the cause and what you would need.

The assessment is a full session length.

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Part 2 - Getting to work

After your initial assessment, you will be invited to either individual, group sessions, or both.

Individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions will be private.

Group sessions are provided by Farah Kurji and there are 2 options for you to select from:

1. Self-led 

Self-led groups are at your own pace; learning is individual and on your own time - monthly meetings are held online to provide real-life discussion and implementation.

Participants are provided with 4 individual mini-sessions to ensure material is being grasped and to provide clinical and skills support.

2. Group Fasciliated

The 7-week consecutive group is perfect for individuals who can commit 7 weeks in a row to attend online sessions to develop the same skills in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  

Participants are provided one mini session to ensure they are grasping materials and maintaining growth and mood.