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Faith Based Counselling

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Many of our therapists have BIPOC lived experiences and are able to subtly allow for this lens to support the process of attuning and connecting with you when co-creating your therapy goals and providing treatment.

Faith-Based Counselling:

Times of crisis, loss, stagnation and generally feeling stuck can actually give root to your faith and spiritual growth and development.

We can incorporate your faith journey into the counseling and psychotherapy process while allowing you to determine your comfort level.


We do not coerce or try to establish a faith if you do not have one but we are happy to explore it with you as part of your counseling goals. 

You are also encouraged to express if you would like to meet with a therapist who is of the same faith as you are.

Exploration and strengthening of your spirituality, faith, existence, and beliefs can be part of your individual counseling journey! 

In Summary:

Discovering who you are and what you want to bring and receive from the world around you is a transformational journey - the BIPOC counseling experience is as unique as the cultures, beliefs, and faith blends around us.

Our team understands the unique needs of BIPOC, spiritual and faith-based counseling and we are experienced and qualified to support you in an informed, respectful and non-judgemental manner.


If you have questions please reach out and book your complimentary meet and greet here:

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